Representation Matters with Widline Pyrame

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We do weird things to fit in… buy the new Nikes, cave to the Kombucha, even try goat yoga. Fads come and go all the time, but what happens when these “passing fads” don’t pass, and they bleed into our cultural definitions, instead? When they become destructive or harmful – all in the name of an arbitrary beauty standard that exists only in our heads?

“My hair ended up falling [out] because I wasn’t really taking care of it. My mom was like, ‘No, you’re not going to [perm] you’re hair because you nine. You need to wait.’ And for me, it was an accomplishment if I were to perm my hair because only then I’d feel like I was pretty enough.”

That’s Widline Pyrame, the founder of Fusion Dolls, a company creating diverse and ethnically correct toy dolls. Since she was a child, Widline has given in to fads and lost sight of who she is. Today, she is changing that – not just for herself, but for girls, boys, women, and men everywhere.

Building a business requires connection, but before we can connect with those around us, we first have to connect with and accept ourselves.

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Episode 80