A System for Success with Shelly Bell

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Embracing a certain amount of delusional optimism is the hallmark of every entrepreneur.

But what separates the dreamers from the doers? What differentiates those who would like to reach their goals and those who do reach their goals?

“At that point I had three children, and staying the course was really me dedicating myself to not going back to work for anyone. … There’s nothing about it that makes logical sense, [but] as an entrepreneur, you are always operating with this level of delusion.”

That’s Shelly Bell, the Founder and CEO of Black Girl Ventures.

Over the course of her nontraditional career, Shelly has listened to one playlist on repeat: test, iterate, pivot. And while each pivot seemed like an impulsive decision to her peers, at the heart of every choice was a system. And as Shelly shares today, it’s that system which draws the line between those who say and those who do.

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Episode 83