The Psychology of Driving and What It Means for Your Fleet

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What works better – incentives or disincentives? Positive peer pressure or negative? Financial motivation or group encouragement?

Joining The Fleet today – and here to help us kick off the new year – is Professor Nicholas Ward. Nic is the Director at the Center for Health and Safety Culture in the Western Transportation Institute and a Professor at Montana State University. He has a PhD in Psychology, is a founding member of the National Summit for Rural Traffic Safety Culture, and has authored the first United States government white paper on traffic safety culture. Nic has also helped AASHTO develop the traffic safety culture chapter in support of the Toward Zero Deaths national strategy.

Needless to say, Nic is an accomplished expert in the field of driver safety and today he joins the show to talk about the social and psychological contexts of driving and what they mean for your fleets. He answers all the questions above, as well as explains why creating a positive, community-driven culture is so important for driver safety.


Episode 12