Innovation, Trends, and Technology Impacting Fleet Management

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Most of our infrastructure was designed and built decades ago. But updating those massive initial investments to keep up with the times is not realistically possible. In the US we already have an estimated infrastructure investment deficit of $60 billion year over year. All of this, on top of increasing demand for mobility and changing methods of transportation, leads to an important question:

How do all these moving pieces play together and what do they mean for the future of logistics and transportation?

To help answer this question, we’ve invited Stephan Keese, Senior Partner at Roland Berger. Stephan has nearly 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and is currently the head of Roland Berger’s North American automotive practice based out of Chicago.

Stephan joins us to talk about the innovations, trends, and technologies that are impacting the logistics and transportation industries today. He shares some creative solutions that have been implemented around the world to solve their transportation needs, and dives deep into how and why our future technologies will still need to operate within the infrastructure of the past.


Episode 11