The Seven Keys to Building Fellowship, Revisited

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In the final part in our ten-part series on accelerated learning, Chad and Stephanie talk about the importance of limiting what tech you use, crushing negativity and seven keys to forming fellowships with the best and brightest.

Show Notes:

0:45 – Fellowships go beyond just friendships and relationships, they’re connections that push you to be a better person. But to build those fellowships, you have to push beyond a key human instinct; distrust of others.

3:00 – The first key to building fellowship is communication. More specifically, it’s learning to speak and write clearly and avoid miscommunication.

4:45 – The second key is to protect and share how you spend your digital time with those you want to build a fellowship with. This is a great way to share with coworkers how you spend your work time (and vice versa). It helps build a more sympathetic and understanding relationship as well as a great way to find someone to help improve your work.

7:00 – The third key is to leverage the right tech and discard the rest. Not all tech is created equal, and sometimes new technologies only serve to disrupt your (and your team’s) workflow and coordination.

9:00 – The fourth key to building fellowship is to be someone who competes with who they were yesterday. If you’re working in a company that only fosters competition between employees, that’s a breeding ground for negativity. The only person you should measure yourself against is you.

11:00 – The fifth key to building fellowship is learning to spot negativity early on and crush it. Negativity is the great divider that will slowly drive a wedge between you and the other members of your team.

13:45 – Key six; measure and record your actions and accomplishments and those of others. Treat yourself and other members of your team when they hit a big accomplishment or milestone.

17:45 – The final key is to master yourself. Learn to keep a clean and functioning brain through healthy habits and healthy behaviors. If you’re the best you can be, then you’ll attract the best people.


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