A New Kind of News, Revisited

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In today’s episode, Chad and Stephanie discuss the state of news, how to find news that matters, and what sort of news you should consume. Chad and Stephanie also cover the process in what goes into The Mission Daily newsletter and how we choose the stories to help you create the best version of yourself.

Show Notes:

1:00 Why do we need an alternative form of news? Short answer; we need a balance to the normal forms of news and media intake that exist only to spread fear. It’s important to know the difference between keeping informed and simply berating yourself with negativity for no good reasons.
2:20 How do we find news that matters? Well, you could always start by subscribing to The Mission’s newsletter!
4:20 Choosing what goes into the newsletter is a very in-depth process that involves a lot of investigating of primary sources (like research studies).
8:00 Why Goldman-Sachs rose up to challenge the healthcare industry and how the current healthcare model isn’t sustainable.
9:48 The Lindy Effect and how age is a strong predictor of if something will continue to last a long time.
10:50 Learn to track where you get your news and information. Take that information and research the background of the organization you’re getting it from and ask yourself, “Does this outlet only spread negativity? Does this organization truly have my best interest at heart?”


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