The Psychology of Realness

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Another analysis of fantasy bonds.

Yesterday, Chad kicked off our discussion about fantasy bonds by describing what they are and how to identify them. Today, he digs deeper into how these bonds define not only your relationships with others but also your relationship with your self.

The break down:

Good News – COVID-19 seems to be losing some traction in New York and Italy. Hear the details at 3:15.

Super Friend – Chad is flying solo, so today’s Super Friend is you! Chad explains how and why we’ve been attached to fantasy bonds since we were little. To learn more about fantasy bonds on your own, check out Robert Firestone’s book. To hear Chad talk about them, tune in at 6:40.

Daily Mission – Hold the mirror up to yourself. Compare who you really are to who you pretend to be. Then, stop pretending. Details at 14:55.

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Episode 391