Knowing Yourself for the First Time

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“Know this place for the first time.” – T.S. Eliot

Chad is joined by Super Friend Liz Wiseman. They discuss why it’s so important to accept yourself as you are and the impact COVID-19 could have on the future of work.

The break down:

Good News – The good news today is simple: You are perfect the way you are. Hear it from Chad at 0:50.

Super Friend – Liz Wiseman is the CEO of the Wiseman Group and a returning Mission Daily guest. She and Chad discuss what it’s like to ‘see yourself for the first time’ and pose the hard question: How do you identify what to battle and what to surrender to in your life? Tune in at 1:00.

Daily Mission – Let down the defenses and open up to yourself and to others. Details at 24:35.

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Episode 392