The ‘Death’ of the CMO? With Michael Diamond, Academic Director, NYU School of Professional Studies

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With a number of major brands taking a more comprehensive marketing approach, are the days of the CMO numbered? Michael Diamond, the Academic Director and Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU School of Professional Studies offers his take on whether the role of the Chief Marketing Officer is disappearing or simply evolving.

Tune in to learn:

  • Michael’s take on the current state of PR and marketing (2:45)
  • About ways that CMOs can source innovation (10:30) 
  • If the CMO position is becoming obsolete (24:50) 
  • About Michael’s marketing journey and his love of language (37:15)


About the Guest:

“Marketing and Strategy thought-leader with deep experience in researching, testing, and applying the disciplines of marketing science to business opportunities. Marketing professor, operational business executive, and consultant with experience in leveraging consumer insights and data analytics to grow revenue profitably and build brand equity for media, entertainment, and technology companies. Integrates leading academic research with business practice. 

Highly regarded industry panelist and keynote speaker on marketing, pricing, business intelligence and consumer insights. Clinical assistant professor and Academic Director at NYU, with experience as adjunct faculty at Yale University and CUNY/Baruch College, and as a presenter and guest lecturer at Columbia University and Georgia Tech/Revenue Analytics. AACSB Accreditation for Practitioner Faculty, and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.”

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