The Science and Art of Marketing With Monica Ho, Chief Marketing Officer at SOCi

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“I think the marketing role needs to be a bit of a scientist and a bit of an artist, and I don’t think that’s going to change. I think it’s going to get even more [like} that type of a role.”


Is marketing both art and science? If so, will that still be the case in the future? Monica Ho, the Chief Marketing Officer of SOCi, has the answer to these marketing questions and more. SOCI supports the marketing efforts of businesses with multiple locations. Therefore, Monica offers a wide-ranging perspective on the current marketing landscape and what moves to pay attention to. Listen to learn what’s marketing smoke and what could become marketing fire.

Key Insights


How Does the CMO Position Change as a Company Grows?

“The evolution of the marketing role is interesting. I think it’s very different when you’re in a marketing role and you’re in the seat in a fast-moving startup. And I think one of the reasons why some marketers are short-lived in that seat is because they don’t realize that every stage of growth you’re actually playing a different role.”

Here are a couple of ways Monica sees the role changing as a company scales: “But as your company is scaling from say 10 million to 50 million that role is very different, You’ve got to be very hands-on. You’ve got to be part of building your team. And it’s very tactical from 50 to a hundred million, for instance…” 

How Should Companies View Selling Products on Social Media? 

“We love our brick and mortar stores, but those businesses that are successful moving forward are going to recognize that social is an extension of that shopping experience.” 

Monica sees the value in brands’ creating content and ads digitally and on social media. But she also believes creating communities where customers can create content and interact with a brand’s product can be beneficial. She suggests there may be an increased trust factor if customers see other consumers interacting favorably with a product.

Are Influencers Effective? (34:16)

“I am not a big believer in this influencer trend. I think that especially the younger consumers… they’re not believers of celebrities being influencers. I think they question it a lot. They understand that a lot of them are sponsored. I do believe in the very micro-influencer, the community influencer…” 

About the Guest:

BIO: Driven enterprise SaaS executive with a proven history of creating and implementing strategic branding and marketing initiatives that successfully boost sales and profits. Solid experience in building high performance teams and leading start-up businesses from early to late stage development. Highly adept at collaborating with cross-functional groups and working in both small and large teams. Extremely versatile and adaptable leader with a strong business vision and a talent for seeing that vision through to completion. Seasoned public speaker with experience presenting at top industry and marketing events like the Mobile Marketing Association’s CMO Summit, the Coca-Cola Data Summit, and eMarketer Attention.”

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