Sharpen Your Content Strategy With Eric Williamson, Chief Marketing Officer of CallMiner

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“I think there’s a lot that B2B marketers can learn from the B2C side of the house.”


Actionable insights are valuable all across a company, including for marketers. But effective content creation strategies that really cut through to the audience are also of tremendous value. Eric Williamson, the Chief Marketing Officer of CallMiner, discusses how CallMiner uses AI to help companies get actionable insights concerning their call centers. He also talks about how to sharpen your content creation strategy and how B2B marketers can learn a lot from B2C marketers.

Key Insights

How Do You Cut Through to Your Audience? 

From Eric’s perspective, there are two ways he looks at creating content that cuts through. On one hand, he contends that after a piece of content is created, it should be repurposed to hit different sections of the audience. On the other hand, he suggests creating less content but of a higher value. At first glance, this guidance may seem contradictory. There is symmetry in these ideas, however. Creators can more narrowly focus on making great content and then find multiple uses for that excellent work.

What’s the Process for a rebrand?

According to Eric, a previous rebrand taught him lessons he was able to apply to the rebrand of CallMiner

“You start off with a lot of your just core fundamental North Star elements. That’s going to be like: your mission, your values, what is your long-form elevator pitch, [and] your tweet elevator pitch.”

Eric explains that after completing these “North Star elements, the next step is to shift to “three to four messaging pillars,” and finally to conclude with the visual aspects, including the website, etc.

What Did Eric Learn From His Experience as a BDR?

Eric describes his initial job at the start of his career as essentially being a BDR. This experience has influenced his marketing mindset today.

“What I found is [that] I learned a lot of good fundamentals as a BDR. I learned how to sell…  I’m a marketer now, but I’ve never stopped selling. Every time I’m pitching an idea or a strategy, it’s selling it.”

What Can the B2B Tech-space Learn From B2C Companies and Marketers? 

“I think there’s a lot of opportunity for B2B tech, especially marketers, to learn from what a lot of these bigger B2C brands have been doing. In particular, don’t skimp on some of the really great writing and massaging. [And] don’t skimp on some of the great creative and visual identity.” 

Additionally, Eric explains that B2B businesses are still run by people, they are looking for technology to address their issues, and that “problems are inherently emotional.” Therefore, he suggests that B2B marketers in the tech field also can learn to lean into putting emotion in their messages.

About the Guest:

As CallMiner’s Chief Marketing Officer, Eric oversees all global marketing functions from brand and events to demand generation. Eric’s marketing team works very closely with channel and sales to drive pipeline and CallMiner’s explosive growth. Eric has over 20 years of experience in both technology and consumer products marketing from both the vendor and agency side. Before joining CallMiner, Eric was VP Brand & Digital Marketing at Acquia — an open DXP platform built around Drupal — where he led brand, creative services, webops, editorial, and demand generation. Prior to Acquia, Eric was on the agency side of marketing working as SVP Digital & Social at MullenLowe, and before that as VP Digital Strategy at The Martin Agency. During his career Eric has worked with a variety of B2C and B2B brands including Google, Microsoft, Intel, GEICO, Walmart, P&G, Pizza Hut, Acura, Royal Caribbean, and Hyatt. He earned his undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University, and an MBA from The University of Texas at Dallas.” 

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