Solving Real Problems for Real Users With Rebecca Johnston-Gilbert, Head of Marketing Ops, Postman

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What methodologies should a marketing leader implement during a time of rapid growth? Rebecca Johnston-Gilbert, the Head of Marketing Ops at Postman, has seen the API platform’s usership skyrocket from 6 million to more than 20 million people during her three-and-a-half years there. Tune in to hear why, despite the company’s tremendous success, she has stuck with tried-and-true marketing fundamentals in her approach.

Tune in to learn:

  • Welcome to Marketing Trends (00:00)
  • What Postman is and what Rebecca does there (02:00)
  • Where the Marketing Spark started for Rebecca (03:30)
  • Rebecca’s approach to product growth at Postman (04:27)
  • Did Rebecca study product growth models of other companies? (08:44)
  • Marketing to developers (10:55)
  • Strategies for users driving users (16:06)
  • Lessons learned from working with 3 different Founder / developers (17:28)
  • Thoughts on Rebecca’s teaching experience (20:33)
  • Rebecca’s strategies to avoid marketing burnout (24:15)
  • How is culture at Postman tied to Rebecca’s role? (29:44)
  • Rebecca’s perspective on marketing during a time of growth (32:10)
  • How did Postman’s product lead growth skyrocket? (34:16)
  • What are some exciting things that Rebecca is looking forward to? (38:32)
  • About Postman’s innovative approaches to B2B marketing (40:23)


About the Guest:

BIO: Leads marketing teams at Postman including user acquisition, content, creative, brand, programs, and marketing engineering.

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Episode 358