Respecting the Consumer with Rohini Sen, Head of Global Solutions, Quantcast

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Despite the industry’s phase-out of third-party cookies, the debate continues over how to find the right balance between personalization and privacy in advertising. Rohini Sen, Head of Global Solutions at the advertising technology company Quantcast, suggests that respect for the consumer should always be at the center of the conversation. Tune in to hear how her team is helping clients cut through the complexity in their advertising experience and why she is a champion of consumer choice.

Tune in to learn:

  • About Quantcast and Rohini’s role there (2:25)
  • When Rohini’s interest in data and analytics began (7:44)
  • An early win during Rohini’s first year Quantcast (12:55)
  • Rohini’s thoughts on cookies and the future of personalization (20:27)


About the Guest:


Strategic leader who excels in translating big data into actionable insights for clients across numerous industry verticals. Helps clients align their vision/direction with the appropriate audience, data, analytics and measurement strategies.

Expertise in audience development, integrating 1P, 2P, 3P data by leveraging adtech & martech, business optimization, forecasting, modeling, Market Mix Modeling, Digital Analytics, marketing research, and project management.

Analyzes quantitative and qualitative data to provide meaningful results, insights, and action items to clients. 

Significant global experience driving growth and increased efficiency for client by unlocking the power of data, tech, and analytics.”

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