The Power of “Radical Brevity” With Chris West, CEO of Verbal Identity

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How do you connect with potential customers before their attention is pulled away? Chris West, CEO of Verbal Identity, contends that “radical brevity” in branding is essential in modern marketing and failure to adapt will be detrimental to business. On this episode, Chris explains the importance of language, succinct writing and aligning your team behind a brand identity. 

Tune in to learn:

  • The importance of radical brevity (06:08)
  • A good example of radical brevity (14:31)
  • How businesses can prepare their employees for succinct writing (17:01)
  • The importance of aligning your teams through your brand (25:37)
  • Why should companies train their writers? (32:47)


About the Guest:


“Chris is a unique combination of insightful strategic thinker and highly-awarded writer. He founded Verbal Identity in 2010 to help company and department leaders define the strategic vision for their business and bring it to life with language. He still works closely with our clients and takes a limited number of Advisory positions on his clients’ Boards, including Votary and Pittsburgh Mercantile. 

Previously, Chris ran a project-based advertising agency for 10 years working with global clients and before that, he was one of London’s most awarded copywriters for his work across the Guardian, adidas, British Airways and the Conservative Party.

In 2016, he was the convening President for the inaugural verbal branding jury at the LIA. His book, ‘How Words Work’, was recognised at the 2017 D&AD Awards.

Outside of work, he contributes to The Sunday Times and is a Contributing Editor at a leading UK luxury magazine. He wrote “A Little Worm” which won Best Film at the Barcelona Film Festival.

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Episode 364