Making the ‘People Connection’ With Mariana Prado Cogan, CMO, People.ai

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Are some marketers losing sight of their department’s primary function? Mariana Prado Cogan, the CMO at the revenue operations and intelligence platform People.ai, suggests that leaders in the field bring the focus “back to the people.” Mariana joins us to explain what CMOs need to prioritize to maximize their tenure and connect with customers. She also recounts her formative years in Mexico City and Japan, and how both cultures have influenced her personal and professional outlook.

Tune in to learn:

  • About Mariana’s unique upbringing in Mexico City (7:32) 
  •  The biggest challenge of being a CMO (21:20)
  • About the importance of inclusivity and what Mariana calls “sponsorship” (26:55) 
  • Why some companies struggle to integrate new technologies (34:02)


About the Guest:

BIO: Latinx woman leader in the tech industry: marketing and digital transformation. I drive the intersection of marketing strategy, business development, and agile execution to accelerate revenue growth. 

I currently work as a Digital Transformation leader leveraging MarTech to increase marketing performance. By driving branding, connecting prospects with a purchasing intent to solutions through multi-channel campaigns (SEO, marketing automation, nurturing campaigns and value-led content). Combined with a Digital Experience that is customer-centric to achieve product-usage expansion that produces a healthy SaaS renewals environment towards ARR growth. 

My data-driven approach identifies opportunities and inefficiencies to rapidly re-allocate resources. Known for building strong alignment with Sales. In my tenure at PTC, I have transformed a conventional business unit into an award-winning Digital Marketing Strategy & Operations. 

I’m a committed advocate to diversity inclusion, and founded the Hispanic ERG resulting in building the best teams and bringing a different lenses to the C-suite.”

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Episode 344