Know the Culture, Grow the Brand With Suresh Raj, Global Chief Growth Officer at Virtue Worldwide

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What is the secret to growing a brand? Suresh Raj, the Global Chief Growth Officer at Vice Media Group’s creative agency Virtue Worldwide, suggests that keeping a thumb on the pulse of the culture is essential for a company’s growth. Tune in to hear how his incredible “boy band” background has prepared him for his current role and for some advice on how to pitch ideas to clients.

Tune in to learn:

  • About Suresh’s experience in the music industry (2:10) 
  • About Virtue Worldwide and what Suresh’s role is there (11:50) 
  • Suresh’s approach to storytelling (21:55) 
  • Suresh’s thoughts about the importance of diversity (38:45)



About the Guest:

BIO: Senior marketing and business development operator with over 20 years experience in the marketing communications industry. My real passion is in nurturing and inspiring teams to new business success, developing trusted relationships with clients to get under the skin of their pressing business needs, and bringing together the best talent to deliver creative inspiring work. I love building a results driven new business culture across the agency. In my worldwide role, I particularly focus on multi-country, multi-region, integrated opportunities. Added to this, I champion equality and diversity in and outside the marketing communications industry.”

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Episode 352