Building a ‘Team Culture’ With Jeff Winter, CMO, Duck Creek Technologies

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What tone should an incoming CMO hope to set in their first few months on the job? Jeff Winter, the Chief Marketing Officer at Duck Creek Technologies, says that building a “team culture” was a top priority when he joined the insurance software provider last year. Tune in to hear Jeff’s takes on how a marketing leader can help build a great team.

Tune in to learn:

  • How Jeff built a “team culture” at Duck Creek (8:00)
  • Jeff’s approach to aligning marketing with sales (26:41)
  • Why Jeff is not a fan of spreadsheets (22:25)
  • About Jeff’s experience as a professional basketball player in Israel (25:30)


About the Guest:

BIO: Passionate marketing leader with more than 20 years in high tech, B2B marketing. I focus on building and transforming teams, creating new capabilities and programs to drive quantitative business results. Looking across the entire customer / buyer journey, I leverage the full breadth of marketing and communication to drive the business: awareness / brand, pipeline creation and acceleration, Analyst Relations, Public and Media Relations, and retention marketing. With deep expertise in channel, I partner with all functions to build a sustainable, marketing capability – at scale.

Currently CMO at Duck Creek Technologies; previous CMO at Rocket Software, with prior divisional CMO/VP level roles at Pitney Bowes, SAP and IBM.”

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Episode 334