Marketing Without Boundaries With Saar Shwartz, Chief Marketing Officer, BMC Software

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What do childhood, motorcycling, and marketing have in common? Saar Shwartz, the CMO at the IT solutions and consulting company BMC Software, says they all embody the idea of limitless possibility. Tune in to hear the longtime marketing leader share how growing up in Israel, becoming an officer in the army, and developing a passion for motorcycles have all helped him on his path to becoming the CMO of a multinational, multibillion-dollar company.

Tune in to learn:

Tune in to learn:

  • The importance of curiosity in marketing (13:40)
  • Why does Saar prioritize “impact” over “authority?” (18:20)
  • The future of marketing and humanizing the BMC brand (43:50)
  • Saar’s advice for startup founders (50:20) 


About the Guest:

BIO: I am a seasoned Marketing & Engineering executive and a believer that in business people matter most. Success starts and ends with empowering brilliant people to act on big ideas, ideas that last well beyond the temporary nature of trends and buzzwords. Ideas that move markets, ideas that inspire and motivate people to believe in and trust what your company stands for.”

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Episode 333