Why We Need New Energy Infrastructure And How It’s Being Built

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Our energy infrastructure is going through major changes. The population is looking for more efficiency and cleaner options, and Stem, Inc. is helping to deliver those solutions. Albert Hofeldt, SVP of Technology at Stem, joins IT Visionaries to describe the work his team is doing, and what the future of energy might look like.

Tune in to learn:

  • What is Stem? (2:00)
  • Dissecting the distribution of energy (5:12)
  • What Stem-collected data unlocks (16:09)
  • Who is leading the charge in updating energy infrastructure? (20:40)
  • How Albert landed at Stem (25:40)
  • The changes coming to the energy sector (28:30)
  • Creating more infrastructure for long-haul driving with EVs (32:00)


About the Guest:

As SVP of Technology at Stem, Albert Hofeldt is responsible for a global tech team of 160 and all platform technology R&D inclusive of cloud, IoT, AI/ML, devops and infosec. His specific success with cloud platform architecture and tech transformations inclusive of energy markets and trading, IoT, process/agile delivery and multi-cloud builds will help Stem deliver enterprise solutions that empower the energy transition. Albert comes to Stem from his most recent CTO experience at LiquidX where he transformed the tech organization and launched a new multi-asset class cloud-based trading and blockchain digitization platform. Prior to LiquidX Albert was CTO at Genscape, the leading energy market intelligence company, where he led a similar transformation and ‘platformitization’ initiative with the launch of their cloud-based multi-asset class energy/IoT ingestion platform. Albert also held SVP technology positions at Thomson Reuters/Trading and 10 years of tech consulting experience at Deloitte and Accenture.

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