Where ‘Credit’ Is Due with Randy Kern, CTO, Marqeta

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While credit cards have made the payment process considerably easier for users over the years, the systems that support those transactions are more complex than one might expect. Randy Kern is the CTO of the modern card issuing and payment processing platform Marqeta. On this episode, Randy offers a deep dive into the evolution of card payment technology and tells us how Marqeta is transforming the payment landscape.

Tune in to learn:

  • About Marqeta and its customers (2:00)
  • About the modernization of credit payments (5:25)
  • Untangling the payment space (16:30)
  • What the next few years might hold for the payment space (30:45)
  • Randy’s thoughts on alternative payments and peer-to-peer lending (36:00)

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About the Guest:

BIO: “Randy Kern is Marqeta’s Chief Technology Officer, responsible for scaling the global engineering team and driving technological advancements across the company. He brings decades of engineering experience to Marqeta.

Before Marqeta, Kern spent seven years at Salesforce, where he held the Chief Customer Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Infrastructure Engineering roles. While at Salesforce he was responsible for building out a unified tech infrastructure to support the company’s industry-leading enterprise cloud products. Prior to joining Salesforce, he spent several years at Microsoft, most recently as Partner Director of Development. At Microsoft, he led development for its Azure Compute team and in his time at the company had a focus on highly technical engineering projects, working on many of Microsoft’s most popular products, including Bing.”

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