Making Cybersecurity More Effective

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Not only are cybersecurity threats rapidly evolving and increasing in number, but the market for solutions is almost equally complicated. Ian McShane, Field CTO and VP of Strategy at Arctic Wolf, explains how they guide companies through these challenges, sharing his thoughts on the cybersecurity industry and offering words of wisdom for business leaders. 

Tune in to learn:

  • What is unique about Arctic Wolf (01:10)
  • Ian’s observations about the industry (4:40)
  • How the cybersecurity industry has changed over the last 10+ years (9:47)
  • The shortage in cybersecurity professionals (22:30)
  • Technologies and skills business leaders should invest in (25:55)


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About the Guest:

BIO: “Ian McShane has over 20 years experience in cybersecurity and operational IT. As a former Gartner analyst, Ian has advised the largest and fastest growing technology companies in the world as well as tens of thousands of organizations world-wide. He is well known as a trusted advisor and popular commentator in our industry, and prior to joining Arctic Wolf Ian has spent time at Symantec, Gartner, Endgame, Elastic, and CrowdStrike.”

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Episode 431