Engineering for Excellence in Residential Real Estate

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Buying residential real estate is typically mired down in paperwork, presenting a difficult experience for consumers. But technology is currently changing this burdensome process for buyers and sellers alike. Our guest, Raji Subramanian, CTO of Opendoor, explains how the company’s platform addresses all aspects of the process (and the business behind it) by putting customer needs and the company’s core principles front-of-mind in every transaction.

Tune in to learn:

  • How Opendoor touches every aspect of buying and selling homes (4:40)
  • Addressing and overcoming homebuyer pain points  (11:30)
  • Leveraging technology for home assessment (21:10)
  • Opendoor’s core leadership philosophy (29:11)

About the Guest: Raji Subramanian joined Opendoor in 2021. Raji served as Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Product and Technology, Pro.com at Opendoor. Raji Subramanian is currently Chief Technology Officer at Opendoor

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Episode 452