Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

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The need for cybersecurity has never been more apparent than in today’s growing digital world. But are there enough skilled cyber workers to keep up with rising demand? On this episode, Gill Thomas, Director of the Engagement, Capacity & Resilience Program at the Global Cyber Alliance and Seán Doyle, Lead at the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity, share how an innovative instructional program is providing people with the skills to help address the global cybersecurity worker shortage.

Tune in to learn:

  • The extent of the cybersecurity professional shortage (04:17)
  • The success of the Cybersecurity Learning Hub (17:28)
  • The curriculum at the Cybersecurity Learning Hub (24:50)
  • What is the future of cybersecurity? (36:42)


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About the Guests:
Gill Thomas

“An accomplished and enthusiastic professional with a consistent record of delivering success through understanding, integrity and hard work. Focused on outcomes, an excellent communicator with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to engage across all functions and at all levels.”

Seán Doyle

“Interested in public policy around cybercrime, financial crime and how to defend against them through public-private collaboration, good governance, industry standards and cross-border regulation . Helping to fill the global cybersecurity skills gap through the World Economic Forum’s work with governments, private-sector partners and the Forum’s Global Shapers community. Current projects focus on: enhancing public access to cybersecurity skills development; cybersecurity best practices across Financial Services, including FinTech and using cybersecurity to facilitate financial inclusion and resilient innovation; enhancing public-private partnerships against cybercrime, financial crime and corruption. Background in private-sector investigations and financial crime intelligence (asset tracing, anti-money laundering, sanctions, bribery and embezzlement). Working at the World Economic Forum’s Platform for Cybersecurity and Digital Trust.”

Did you know, Salesforce is one of the founding members of World Economic Forum’s Cybersecurity Learning Hub ?

The learning hub democratizes access to cybersecurity skills by providing free and career-oriented modules that give people a route towards in-demand roles. 

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