The Many Roads Into Cybersecurity

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Closing the cybersecurity skills gap might seem like a problem for established tech professionals to solve, but a technical background isn’t even necessary to join the cause. On this episode, we continue our “Cybersecurity” series with guests Melonia da Gama, Director of Marketing at Fortinet’s NSE Training Institute, and Lynn Simons, Senior Director of Security Awareness and Engagement at Salesforce. Hear these two champions of cyber education discuss why a diverse talent pool and a bit of daily diligence are needed to stop cybercriminals in their tracks.

Tune in to learn:

  • The partnership between Fortinet and Salesforce (04:03)
  • The importance of hiring diverse talent for cybersecurity jobs (16:10)
  • Why cybersecurity is a “human issue” (22:54)
  • The success of cybersecurity training programs (34:31)


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About the Guests:

Melonia da Gama

Passionate and innovative marketing leader with solid experience in strategic planning & execution of global marketing initiatives. Believes in the ability to work hard but have fun doing it – every day!

Lynn Simons is the Senior Director of Security Awareness & Engagement at Salesforce. She sits on the security team and focuses on the human aspect of security. Prior to her work at Salesforce in 2013, Lynn worked as an attorney at several firms and also gained marketing and research experience at Cisco Systems and Baccus Research.

Did you know, Salesforce is one of the founding members of World Economic Forum’s Cybersecurity Learning Hub ?

The learning hub democratizes access to cybersecurity skills by providing free and career-oriented modules that give people a route towards in-demand roles. 

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