Advising Tech ‘Goliaths’ With Prashant Kelker, Chief Strategy Officer, Partner & Lead Americas, ISG

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Where do some of the most successful tech leaders in the world turn to for sound advice? Prashant Kelker is the Chief Strategy Officer and a Lead Partner at ISG, a multinational technology research and advisory firm that consults an astounding 80 companies in the Fortune 100. Tune in to hear the fascinating details about ISG’s advisory process and why Prashant calls the firm “the industry’s best-kept secret.”

Tune in to learn:

  • What sets ISG apart from other consulting firms? (3:00)
  • How does ISG gather the information necessary to make recommendations? (06:44)
  • Prashant shares a success story he experienced at ISG (08:50)
  • At what point in the process does ISG get involved? (18:25)
  • Prashant discusses Web3 (32:30)


About the Guest:

BIO: As Chief Strategy Officer and Lead Partner at ISG, Prashant runs the Digital Strategy and Sourcing practice across the Americas. This includes Digital Strategy & Transformation, cloud transformation, agile enterprise, Workplace of the Future and other emerging technologies. The practice advises more than $20bn worth of Digital & Technology spend every year – over the last 20 years, we have advised more than 80 of the Fortune 100 on about $450bn spend. Our focus lies in strategy implementation and sourcing of technology platforms and services. As Chief Strategy Officer in ISG’s Executive Board, Prashant designs and steers ISG’s strategic initiatives aimed at growing and augmenting our position in the market.  In addition to his work at ISG, Prashant also speaks at events and conferences on digital transformation, cloud transformation, and sourcing of technology.

Prashant offers ISG’s clients extensive knowledge and insights gained from industry experience with clients, service providers, and the advisory business. He has led many large, transformational sourcing initiatives. These initiatives range from the Autonomous Driving programs of several OEMs to enterprise-grade Digital Thread programs in F50 Manufacturing firms. Prashant is the go-to Partner in the firm for clients seeking innovation through partners. He has led multiple engagements where he introduced agility and flexibility into a broad strategy to achieve significant cost savings, improve relationships, and accelerate innovation. 

His international career spans multiple years across the Americas and Europe. He formed and led ISG’s European practice for Digital Consulting and Sourcing. He ran Accenture’s Big Deal team for Applications Sourcing in DACH – spanning Fortune 100 clients across many industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Pharma, Healthcare, Energy, and Banking. He has advised multiple large conglomerates in Europe in their multi-year IT transformation programs.  Prashant also has extensive international experience, working in many countries across northern Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, and India.”

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Episode 410