#17 – Empower Your Team, Transform Customer Experience: Fisher & Paykel’s Revolutionary Approach

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How does enhancing the employee experience revolutionize customer service?

Join Lauren Wood on ‘Experts of Experience’ as she engages with Rudi Khoury, Chief Digital Officer at Fisher and Paykel Appliances, delving into the transformative power of enhancing the employee experience to elevate customer service. 

In this episode, Rudi shares his journey and the pivotal role of centralizing data and innovative processes in creating a culture of excellence. Discover the crucial metrics for customer experience success, and the essence of trust, transparency, and personalization in customer service. 

Rudi’s approach underscores the integration of customer feedback into product innovation and the empowerment of employees to deliver unparalleled customer experiences. 

Tune in for valuable leadership advice and the impact of focusing beyond technology on service design and vision.

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