#16 Ethan Beute – The Heart of Customer Experience: Human Emotion and Artful Communication

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Join host Lauren Wood as she sits down with Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist at Follow Up Boss, as they explore the nuanced art of what it means to be an evangelist and the importance of human-centered communication.

In this episode, Ethan shares his innovative approach to evangelism that transcends traditional product selling, focusing instead on cultivating a community grounded in education and shared values.

Learn about how Ethan thinks about the balance between AI and human-centered communication and the power of human connection in digital touchpoints. Plus a look at the impact of design and intuition in business is highlighted through examples from Amazon and Starbucks.

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(0:00) Preview and Introduction

(01:31) Defining the Chief Evangelist Role

(04:19) Ethan’s Role at Follow Up Boss

(07:04) What is Human-Centered Communication?

(13:09) Sales Outreach and Human-Centered Approaches

(18:50) Breaking Down The Idea of Evangelism

(25:43) Integrating Technology with Human-Centered Design

(30:22) The Importance of Community Building in Real Estate

(35:54) The Role of Chief Evangelist

(41:50) Amazon and Starbucks: Consistent Customer Experiences

(45:57) Closing Thoughts on Customer Experience

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