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Dive deep into the world of customer experience. Hosted by Lauren Wood and featuring some of the smartest business minds of the day.

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Matt Dixon: #2 Matt Dixon: Master Customer Experience with The Challenger Sale Approach

Matt Dixon literally wrote the book on customer experience. He is the Founding Partner of DCM Insights and the co-author of multiple best-selling books including The Effortless Experience and his latest, The JOLT Effect, and he has spent years gathering and analyzing data around customer experience and the sales process. On this episode, Matt shares his insights on everything from generative AI to NPS scores to measuring customer effort so that you walk away with a better understanding of what it takes to create a great customer experience.

Brandon Kirk: #1 Brandon Kirk: The Secret To Mastering Customer Experience in Your Business

Rogers Communications reaches about 95% of the Canadian population. That’s an awful lot of people the brand has to make happy every day, not to mention marketing partners who want to see that their messages are getting across to their target audience. What does it take to create the customer service and marketing infrastructure that achieves those goals? And what technology is behind the success? Find out on this episode featuring an exclusive interview with Brandon Kirk, the Vice President of Client Solutions at Rogers Sports & Media.

Introducing Experts of Experience

This is Experts of Experience, your new go-to podcast to learn about customer experience, customer success, and the technology that powers some of the biggest and best businesses in the world. Hosted by Lauren Wood and featuring some of the smartest business minds of the day, Experts of Experience will be your one-stop-shop for ideas, innovation, and inspiration to level up your CX.