37 The Need For Speed in Customer Experience

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On this episode, Tom Williams, Chief Experience Officer at Discount Tire, shares his journey from a part-time tire technician to a leadership role. He emphasizes the importance of empowering employees and listening to their ideas. Plus, he explains how Discount Tire prioritizes the customer experience by introducing innovative concepts and technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • Empowering employees and listening to their ideas leads to great choices and better customer experiences.
  • How Discount Tire prioritizes the customer experience
  • Ways Discount Tire uses technology to empower and educate consumers in their tire-buying process.
  • Why Discount Tires evaluates success based on whether they are building dreams for their people and generating profits to invest in their vision for the future.
  • Starting with empathy is key when designing customer experiences.


About the Guest:

“Tom started his career as a Tire Technician. Part-time. Within just a few months, He had earned his first promotion to Assistant Manager. He is now EVP and CXO – and proud to have played a role in building the US’s #1 independent tire dealer in retail presence, sales volume, and revenue. Tom believes that when people are empowered, they generally make great choices. This is how he delivered the #1 store in the US as a Manager, the #1 region as Vice President, and reversed underperforming digital revenue channels as Senior VP.

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