Talking TV, Streaming, and Segmentation with Fariba Zamaniyan of Xperi Corporation

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 As a marketer and an advertiser, you now have a choice you didn’t have before.


Although you might think of TiVo as the DVR of days gone by, the brand is still having an impact. These days, TiVo is part of Xperi Corporation, and the data that the company gathers is making it possible for brands to understand their customers better as it relates to TV and streaming advertising. Fariba Zamaniyan, the Vice President, Advanced Media and Advertising at Xperi Corporation, discusses that and more on this episode.

Key Insights


How to reach consumers in a world that has gone from very scheduled to something new.

Today, you have to ask, “How do I know when to reach a consumer and which medium is the best to ultimately drive conversions?” This brings forward the need for data to be used more extensively than ever before. Gathering and integrating that data has its own challenges, but every brand needs to follow the path that gives them the best insight into the customer journey in order to answer that key question.   

“It really brings forward this immense need for data, not just from one single platform type or channel, I need to now gather data and intelligence about my customers from all of the different touchpoints. And that presents challenges because of not just privacy and opt-in and the availability of the data, but also, how do I integrate that to that personalized experience?”

How should brands think about segmenting customers to ensure the most success?

Traditional methods are still effective when trying to understand your customers. Focus groups still hold power in this field. Human understanding needs to be a part of the segmentation process. You can’t just rely on data that you gather and view from 30,000 feet. That data is a good starting point, but you have to take the next step to get to know the customers more personally.

“We couldn’t track somebody through their first exposure to an action in the old days. But now that we can, we can now tie that back into the customer segmentation process and defining those core groups and turning the dial up and down, like we can in a simulator on each to, to determine what level of investment and what are the strategies and tactics we wanna deploy to get to each of those different groups.”

About the Guest:

Fariba Zamaniyan currently serves as Vice President, Advanced Media and Advertising at Xperi Corporation. Prior to working with TiVo, she was Senior Vice President at Nielsen, and a Vice President at Ipsos

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Episode 211