Not Dumbing It Down: DECIEM and the Art of Straightforward Marketing with Jordanne Dyck

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We actually don’t even use the term marketing internally because we really don’t believe in pushing people to do things or being manipulative to get them to buy something.”


Key Insights


How DECIEM is adapting after its recent acquisition under Estee Lauder 

The corporate structure is something that is privy to shift and change. Knowing how to navigate it can be the difference between surviving an acquisition and merger… or not.

“We’re fortunate because our culture is very agile and flexible and quite young… that’s allowed us to be really comfortable in a space where, historically, in this industry it’s been quite rigid.” 

When and how do you make the decision to scale?

Keeping the personal touches of a small company can be difficult as that company grows. Making sure to find new ways to reach the same customers is an important part of scaling.

“We decided that it’s time for us to move to something different. We invested into the Salesforce ecosystem with Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud across the board, and that’s really allowed us to scale a lot faster and not have to worry.”

What is DECIEM doing to disrupt the beauty industry?

More and more, we’re seeing a world where transparency isn’t just a marketing term – it’s an essential piece of the company’s entire vision.

“They actually knew very well the ingredients that go into all these products and we’re like, ‘Oh, finally, I can buy some niacinamide and I know exactly what I’m buying.’ And, ‘Oh, Hey, it’s only $6!’”

What happens when you treat customers like they’re smart? 

Customers don’t need to be tricked into buying a good product. Most of the time, discerning customers know what they want. You just need to know how to reach them. 

“We don’t want people to feel like we’re just cutting out the meat of it just so you can understand it. But we do recognize there’s a certain element of accessibility to that. And I think what we’ve been trying to balance… if you’re not a scientist, you could still understand it.”

About the Guest:

Jordanne Dyck is the Digital Director at DECIEM. She oversees the ecommerce P&L, is the product owner for the ecommerce ecosystem as a whole, and oversees all digital marketing. She graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in Marketing Management and has several adorable cats.

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