Increase Conversion, Reduce Churn and Colonize Mars? Tips for Ecommerce Brands from Drew Himel of Consult PCR

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“You’re dealing with people with the attention level of about a second grader, so you really want to remove friction and make it as easy as possible.”


In this day and age, are ecommerce brands still making basic mistakes? Yes, and there are a lot of small ways to improve your business that are ignored in favor of the shiny new object. Drew Himel, the Founder and CEO of Consult PCR, is here to help you focus on what really matters, improve retention, reduce churn, and make your business more resilient.

Key Insights


How do you increase conversion? 

It may sound simple, but it really all does come down to the basics. You have to reduce friction and pay attention to the technical details. Heatmap tracking can help you really get in the mind of the consumer and go ou the customer journey with them to find the places that you need to shift your focus.

“The stat everybody throws around is every extra second your site takes to load it decreases your conversion by 10%. So if you can focus on that and find some really easy ways to be able to reduce friction, make it easy [for customers] to find what they’re looking for, and then for the site itself and the content to be accessible as quickly as possible, you will start to see some pretty meaningful gains in terms of conversion, which is going to affect profitability, revenue and everything else too.”

Where are brands over-investing? 

Retention is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that all brands are chasing. But how they are working to get there needs some work. According to Himel, rather than building a community of customers, nail a loyalty program that actually puts customers first and then reap the rewards.

“Where we’re seeing an overinvestment of dollars, resources, and strategy is a lot around retention and building community and not thinking about it as, ‘Oh, what’s the latest loyalty program that we can employee?’”

About the Guest:

Drew Himel is the Founder and CEO of Consult PCR, a digital strategy and consulting firm helping consumer brands scale and grow through conversion rate optimization. Previously, he was the Founder and CEO of OpenNest, a digital marketing company which worked with clients sucha as Lyft, MLB, and the NBA.

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