Earning the Right to be Idealistic in Business

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How do you build a socially-conscious product business within a competitive market? Mike Beckham, CEO and Cofounder, Simple Modern, shares his experience as a founder, diving into finding and protecting white space in the market, building brand loyalty and creating a great culture. 

Tune in to learn:

  • Identifying white space in the market (7:20)
  • Building “moats” in competitive markets (13:30)
  • The need to have a good product in order to give back (23:20)
  • Mike’s advice for founders (33:15)


About the Guest:


  • LinkedIn
  • “I have co-founded several e-commerce businesses that have cumulative sales of more than a billion dollars. I live in Oklahoma with my incredible wife and two kids.

Main Goal: Build lasting businesses that improve the lives of their employees and customers.

Specialties: E-Commerce, Data Analysis, Product Development, Strategic Planning, Vision Casting, Public Speaking, and Teaching.

  • Mike has been the CEO of Simple Modern for over seven years; August 2015-Present. 
  • Prior to Simple Modern, he was the COO at QuiBids.”

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Episode 275