When Risks Pay Off with Krystal Carter

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Krystal Carter (Twitter) not only wasn’t planning to own a small business, but she also wasn’t even aiming to be in the world of technology. A self-described risk-avoider, Krystal was comfortable working for various other companies and doing a good job … until she wasn’t anymore. When a series of events opened the door for her to start her own business, Krystal had to decide if she was willing to take the risk to go out on her own, and then once she did, she had to decide what kind of leader she wanted to be.

“What allowed me to take the risk was really… an amazing coalescence I guess of happenings in the universe.”

In the end, she realized that by preparing herself, leaning on others and taking failure off the table as an option, she could mitigate the risks that had scared her before and succeed in ways she was never expecting.


Episode 12