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It only takes one moment to change the whole trajectory of your life, career, or business.

A single spark of an idea… the uncovering of an opportunity that everyone else missed… a breakthrough innovation that will change the course of history…

These realizations happen in an instant, but the journey from idea to reality unfolds over a lifetime.

The Journey is a new podcast by Mission.org. In it, we share the human struggles behind the creation of today’s leading and up-and-coming businesses.

These are the true stories that went into building some of the world’s biggest, most well-known, and most revolutionary businesses, as well as stories from up-and-coming entrepreneurs who may be the game-changers of the future.

The Journey shares the accounts of how revered innovators, industry-defining companies, and visionary entrepreneurs built businesses that last generations… or failed trying.

We believe that there are lessons in either outcome. By learning their rocky journeys to success, you will be primed with the tools and knowledge to navigate your own journey.

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