Taking the Pulse of the Market with Marissa Limsiaco

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It’s no hidden truth that the lifestyle of an entrepreneur is in most ways a gamble. You’re risking finances, personal relationships, and often your own mental well-being. Yet it’s this BIG bet that so many smart, driven people are willing to make — and it’s a gamble that today’s guest was willing to make more than once.

“There was doubt of being like, can I handle two products? And if I look back at my life, that was probably one of the best decisions… Listen to the market. What is the market telling you? Because I assure you, whatever you assume is not going to be right in some way, shape, or form.”

That’s Marissa Limsiaco, first the President and Co-Founder of Tenavox, and second the President and Co-Founder of Otso. She’s a West Point graduate and an Army veteran. And now, as an entrepreneur, Marissa has spent years in the weeds of product development, finding market fit, growing sales, and planning for expansion.

She’s no novice to business and no stranger to hard work. But she will be the first to tell you that there’s absolutely no fighting the market. No amount of work will turn passion into dollars if the business model isn’t there. But on the flip side, when the market is telling you there is a need, your potential success can be limitless.


Episode 87