Reinventing Yourself with Mike Slagh

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Imagine this. You’ve been working your way up inside an organization for 20 years. Your kids go to school on the company campus. Your spouse works on campus. You go shopping, get gas, grab coffee, walk your dog, and essentially live, work, and play all on campus.

And then, imagine, 2 decades in, leaving behind that “campus,” your career, and the entire community you are familiar with.

That’s the shocking reality thousands of military families face every year. And while transitioning back into the civilian world can be an exciting time, the stress of finding a new career path is almost unavoidable.

“Traditional sourcing tools were fundamentally not designed for non-traditional talent. They make non-traditional talent invisible. They make people with non-traditional backgrounds confusing to understand because you have to piece together their story.”

That’s Mike Slagh, a Navy veteran and founder and CEO of Shfit.org.

Mike’s all too familiar with the hardships that come with transitioning from military to civilian life… he’s both done it himself and helped hundreds of others find their footing through the process. And it’s because he’s seen it first hand so many times that he knows that that process is long past due for an upgrade.


Episode 90