Being an Always-Evolving Leader with Nick Mehta

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How would you define yourself? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? A wallflower or the life of the party? A leader or a follower?

What if, just maybe, you’re a little bit of all those things?

Nick Mehta has gone from self-described wallflower to the CEO of Gainsight and he’s on a never-ending mission to learn and grow into the most authentic CEO possible.

“For some tech CEOs, I think leadership is the necessary evil. They love the product or the technology or whatever. I love the product and the technology. What I really love is leading people… To summarize my philosophy on leadership, probably one of the core things is embracing a style of leadership that’s authentic to who I am.”

But how do you learn your leadership style and how do you grow into an emotionally composed captain of your company’s ship?

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Episode 66