The Future of Fleet Technology with Geotab CEO, Neil Cawse

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Author and futurist, Alvin Toffler, once said, “The great growling engine of change [is] technology.”

If there is one thing we can count on in the years and decades to come, it’s that technology will continue to augment and redesign everything we do — and this includes how we operate and manage fleets.

But exactly what technology can fleet managers expect to see in the future? And what can they do today to prepare for those technologies of tomorrow?

Joining me today is Neil Cawse, CEO & Founder of Geotab, a Candian-based company that specializes in providing analytics-driven fleet management solutions. Neil founded Geotab in 2000, and while he now leads the fast-growing company as CEO, he is still very much an engineer at heart.

In today’s conversation, Neil shares his predictions of the future and what these changes mean for consumers, drivers, and managers. You’ll hear about a wide range of technologies; from 5G and cloud, to new and improved electric vehicles, to telematics, ML, and AI, and much more.


Episode 5