Labor Unions, Labor Shortages, and Thriving in Today’s Economy

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Today’s guest is Jerry Glass, the President and founder of F&H Solutions Group, a consulting firm that advises companies on a range of labor issues. As a company, Jerry and his team have negotiated more than 800 collective bargaining agreements, and, as he puts it, over the 15 years since he founded the company, “they’ve seen everything.”

Jerry offers a valuable look into labor unions, labor shortages, and how today’s economy is affecting transportation companies. He discusses the necessity for apprentice and on-the-job training programs, why managers and owners have to start thinking about hiring from a 5-year and 10-year perspective if they want to have long-term success, and how to work with unions to embrace new safety technology. Plus, Jerry touches on the increased competition for workers we are seeing across all industries, why that competition is causing smaller operators to get squeezed out, and what you can do to stay relevant in today’s economy.

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Episode 17