An Insider’s Perspective: What Decades of Logistics Reporting Tells Us About the Future of Fleets

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Driver shortage?

There’s no driver shortage.

So why is the trucking industry having such a hard time filling its open jobs?

According to today’s guest, the cause is not a shortage of drivers, but an abundance of options.

Joining the show is FreightWaves’ Grace Sharkey. FreightWaves is like the Bloomberg of transportation — they report on all the logistics, trends, and news that fuel the global supply chain.

In today’s conversation, Grace uncovers the abundance of opportunity available to drivers today, and why the antiquated industry is struggling to meet drivers on their terms. She also discusses how she thinks labor wages will roll back and how new innovations will make shipping easier and possibly less expensive. Plus, find out what she thinks happened to her Beyonce facemask that just never arrived and what happens to your goods that just magically disappear in transit.

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Episode 22