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Ido Biger: Delek US and Proving Value as the CDO

The role of the CDO is changing, and with these changes come new opportunities to prove business value. On this episode of The Data Chief, Ido Biger, EVP of Data and Technology for Delek US, explains how he’s breaking down data silos and turning insights to actionHe also takes listeners through several analytics use cases including creating operational efficiencies for frontline workers and reducing customer churn. 

Bill Schmarzo: Bill Schmarzo on Why Companies Need to Pivot from Data-Driven to Value-Driven

What is the true value of data? Whether you’ve been collecting data for years or are just getting started, the reality is that data holds zero value on its own. In fact, it’s a huge cost. In this episode of The Data Chief, industry veteran Bill Schmarzo, currently Customer Advocate for Data Management at Dell Technologies shares why modern data leaders must let go of the notion of being data-driven and focus on business outcomes. He also discusses how having more data isn’t always the right move, especially when considering larger business goals.

Dora Boussias: How to Connect Data Strategy to Business Value

Modern data leaders know creating a data-informed culture requires cross-functional partnership and collaboration across the entire business. IT by themselves can’t do it. Nor can individual business departments. Both the IT and business strategy must be in lock step to achieve results.  On this episode of The Data Chief, Dora Boussias, Senior Director of Data Strategy and Architecture at Stryker, discusses the role of modern data executives, three keys to creating a data-informed culture, and her approach to breaking down silos based on her own 28 years of experience building effective data strategies across industries.

Jack Berkowitz: The Big Data Behind How You Get Paid

Every month, millions of people start jobs, end jobs, and receive pay for their work, resulting in billions of rows of workforce data. As a leader in HR management services, ADP is not only capturing this data for customers, it’s empowering them to turn their data-driven insights into action. In today’s episode, Chief Data Officer, Jack Berkowitz, shares how the pandemic disproportionately impacted certain industries and workers, findings from the company’s most recent National Employment Report, how the company is helping customers close the pay gap billions dollars, and his take on the metrics layer as the new battleground for business. Tune in for these insights and much more.