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Focusing Your Energy on What Works with Mike Jones

After deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan with the Marines, Mike Jones was ready to get out of the military and into the business world. He found initial success with a CrossFit gym, and he kept his entrepreneurial journey going when he opened Alchemy 365, a new type of boutique fitness company that is on the road to national expansion.

Rising To The Occasion with Erinn Roth

After more than 24 years in the Army, Erinn Roth knew she was ready for her second act. She started Ms. Jo’s Petite Sweets in honor of her late mother and was looking to scale. But she practiced patience and, like her dessert creations, rose to the occasion when it was time.

Destined for Greatness with Ian Folau

By definition, your destiny should be fixed. But one destiny can lead to another. Ian Folau was called to serve in the military from an early age, and when he achieved that dream, he stumbled upon a new one: to become an entrepreneur. Now, he’s brought the two destinies together. He tells his story on this episode.

Finding the Right Fit with Mike Slagh

When Mike Slagh separated from the service, he had to find a job in areas he didn’t have experience. This was a common problem among veterans moving out of the military and into civilian life. So Mike started Shift, a hiring pipeline for vets that offers career advice, fellowship opportunities and more.