What It Takes To Be An IT Leader

Episode 46

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What It Takes To Be An IT Leader

Learn what it takes to be a leader in the tech field from IT Visionaries, Paul Chapman, Juan Perez, Mark Settle, Susie Wee, and Mark Rackley. 

“Be bold. You’re often sitting there saying, ‘I’m running things the way they’ve been run, and it’s working well.’ But how do I disrupt myself?” — @susiewee ‏#ITVisionaries

Show Notes

In our first two seasons, we have been extremely lucky to have some of the most impressive leaders from the tech world join us on IT Visionaries. For this special episode, we’ve taken some of the most insightful thoughts those folks had on what it means to be a leader and put them into one place.

You’ll hear from Paul Chapman ( @Twitter, LinkedIn), the CIO of Box, Juan Perez, the CIO of UPS, Mark Settle (LinkedIn), CIO of Okta, Susie Wee (Twitter, LinkedIn) SVP and CTO of Cisco DevNet, and Mark Rackley (Twitter, LinkedIn), a Partner / Chief Strategy Officer, PAITGroup. Each of these IT professionals have climbed various ladders to get where they are. They have a lot of valuable wisdom to share that we think will benefit you whether you’re occupying a C-suite office already, or working your way up to the top.

Topics discussed: Innovation, CIOs, building businesses, efficiency, IT, leadership.

Paul Chapman — (1:18)

    • At Box, Paul is leveraging an economy that can bring innovation to the organization.
    • The CIO should be a great introducer of new capabilities and ahead of where things are moving.
    • “It’s much more about partnership and realizing there are ways to make the organization more productive and efficient.”
    • Listening is one of the most important things a CIO can do, and they have to be willing to hear when they are wrong.
    • Most people in the role of CIO have been tested and are scrappy.
      • “Most people who step into the CIO have been in environments that have helped them to learn and build perspectives on different things. You’re the one who has to be constantly worried about where the organization is going as opposed to being part of or following where the organization is going There is no one else to turn to. You’re responsible for that strategy and direction.”

Juan Perez — (5:20)

    • Open up the company so that all are welcome to submit ideas.
    • “As the CIO I keep a truly open door policy. Anyone who wants to share a concept or idea can reach out to me and we can talk about it.”  

Mark Settle — (5:50)

    • Your team members are vital to your success. You need to be open to shuffling people around and testing their capabilities to see how much they can contribute.
    • “If you’re a first time CIO, sometimes you suffer from an affliction where you feel like you have to continually prove that you’re the smartest guy or gal in the room, and that’s not going to lead to much insight in terms of the capabilities of the other folks there. You have to discipline yourself to not always be the first and last word on any given topic or debate.”
    • “Innovation should be a team sport.”

Susie Wee — (7:50)

    • You have to know how you can aid in making necessary transitions that will move the organization forward.
    • Don’t be afraid of taking risks and don’t get complacent.
    • “Be bold. You’re often sitting there saying I’m running things they way they’ve been run, and it’s working well. How do I disrupt myself?”

Mark Rackley — (10:00)

    • The constant pace of change is the biggest challenge for IT leaders.
    • “You’ve got to get to the point where you’re willing to take risks. You’re biggest rewards will come from your biggest risks.”

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Learn what it takes to be a leader in the tech field from IT Visionaries, Paul Chapman, Juan Perez, Mark Settle, Susie Wee, and Mark Rackley.

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