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Season 2 / Episode 33

The Future of Work with Mariesa Coughanour

Mariesa Coughanour, Head of Automation Advisory at Cognizant, discusses intelligent automation’s growing role in the workplace and what that means for teams everywhere.

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What happens when the world is forced to hit pause? When cities, states, and entire countries come to a screeching standstill? As the world struggled to combat an invisible virus, companies around the globe pivoted on a dime to a new set of priorities and way of doing business. And the wheels of innovation began turning.

Faced with adversity, companies are turning to intelligent automation to not only help them overcome current challenges, but to ensure they are prepared for the next fight. As a result, bots are helping humans in almost every workspace activity. 

Intelligent automation is a combination of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence and it is fundamentally shifting the way we work. On this episode of Hidden in Plain Sight, we discuss this shift with Mariesa Coughanour, the head of Automation Advisory at Cognizant, one of the leading professional services companies at the cutting edge of this technology.

Mariesa joins Chad to examine how data is serving as the foundation for these technologies, the current role of automation in the workplace, and what she predicts for the future of work.

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