Ally or Enemy: The Rise of New Technologies with Stacey Shulman

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Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Connected devices. And endless amounts of data. 

For years, an idea has lingered that these technologies will rise up and become so advanced that they will no longer serve humanity’s best interests. But what if instead of thinking of those technologies as the ultimate enemy, we began thinking of them as the ultimate ally, ready to assist when and where we need them to? What if we lean into that idea that their purpose is not to tear humanity apart, but rather bring us together and even empower us to be better?

Stacey Shulman is a technology veteran with more than two decades of experience in manufacturing and retail. Today, she is the Vice President, Internet of Things Group and Emerging Technologies at Intel. But her most important role is as an innovation leader that is passionate about helping industries adopt sustainable and evolving innovation practices, while immersing herself in the world of IoT.

In this episode of Hidden in Plain Sight,  Stacey joins Chad for a discussion about these emerging technologies, where these devices are heading, and why innovative thinkers will always have a place in pushing the boundaries and making us think bigger.


Episode 44