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Season 2 / Episode 35

Merging Mission with Margin: A Conversation with Katherine Boyle

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“Great companies and great stories have the same key elements: universal appeal, imperfect protagonists and an important mission that simply must be achieved.”

Those are the words of today’s guest, Katherine Boyle, a partner at General Catalyst, a global investment firm that recently announced it had raised $2.3B across three new funds. As a VC, Katherine has had the opportunity to work alongside and learn from some of the world’s most impressive growing businesses. 

In her experience, the best CEOs and founders are those who are able to look at data, synthesize it, process it quickly, and mobilize it to rally around a mission. And the best businesses are those that are able to turn that mission into a culture that resonates internally as much as it does externally.

In today’s episode, Katherine joins Chad to talk about some of the companies she’s invested in and what they are doing differently. She also shares some of her favorite lessons from philosophers Leo Strauss and René Girard, trends she is seeing in culture that are impacting investing, and what she expects to see more of as we move towards the future.

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