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“Time is our most valuable asset and giving back time to consumers is transformative.” — Sergio Villasenor

In 2017, Sergio Villasenor was a solo entrepreneur with a background as an engineer when he started Elliot, an early stage and venture-backed start-up based in NYC. Elliot is revolutionizing the online checkout process by enabling sellers with simple, one-tap checkouts across platforms. 

Sergio estimates that 80% of checkouts initiated online are abandoned in the checkout process. “Making checkout as easy as possible for consumers, shortening the path to purchase, making it simple for people to self-checkout in-store, and building great experiences on top of that” are all areas of focus for Sergio and his team.

Sergio speaks to the challenges of being a solo founder, especially the challenges of being a first-time entrepreneur. Sergio believes it all comes down to surrounding yourself with the right team and part of that is knowing what you are good at and what you are not good at. 

On this episode, Chad and Sergio discuss how to overcome the challenge of being a solo founder looking for investment, why time is your most valuable asset, and how Elliot is giving this back to consumers in a simple way – at the checkout line. 

Quotes from Sergio:

“I wanted to create a software that made it really simple for brands to sell but on the consumer side, make it simple for them to buy which is why we took the angle of being this really great  seamless, frictionless check out platform.”

“Athletics taught me simple intangibles like grit, perseverance, and being able to be communicative in a way that’s not self-centered.”

“I think when you decide to pivot, you very rarely think about all of the different blowbacks that comes with that. Because for every action there is a reaction. The grit and perseverance definitely help me get through the hard times.”



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