We lost 70% of our revenue… Here’s what happened

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In December 2022, just three days before Christmas, our biggest client called and terminated all of their contracts. In that 20-minute phone call, we lost 70% of our revenue.

Each day, our newsfeeds are plastered with articles about giant tech layoffs, but for every one giant business going through cutbacks, there are hundreds of small businesses facing the ripple effects of these events.

So what did we do? How did we bounce back?

Truth is… we haven’t. At least not yet. Instead, we are buckling down and preparing for a season of “war-time.” 

Tune in to hear how we handled our own cutbacks, and how we are thinking about moving forward. 


We had to lay off several amazing employees during this time. These people are experts in their trade, great team players, and a powerful addition to anyone’s content team. Please check them out below:

  • For an expert people manager, storyteller, and all-around great human: Dan Rutty
  • For a reliable video editor who delivers on time every time: James Powell (jamsedpow@gmail.com)
  • For a creative, experienced, knowledgeable content creator: David Sniadecki
  • For one of the smartest, most competent producers you’ll ever meet: Erin Stenhouse


Episode 457