The Past, Present and Future of Cryptocurrency with Anthony Pompliano

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It’s well recognized that crypto is revolutionizing finance and banking. But how exactly did it all start? And where are digital currencies headed? Anthony Pompliano has the answers.

Anthony is a Co-Founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital and a crypto influencer. Through his work at Morgan Creek, Anthony manages capital on behalf of institutional investors. Together, he and his investors are helping foster an ecosystem that may be nascent today, but has exponential growth potential in the long term.

Anthony believes crypto and other digital currencies are the way of the future because of their ability to be both secure and transparent. In this episode, he and Ian discuss the ways in which crypto has become popular, even in its infancy, and the path it will take as it matures into a widely-used method of payment and asset management.


14:47 – “One of the hardest things in the world is to be an independent thinker. It is a learned skill. It’s more about courage than anything else, and trust of yourself.”

22:20 – “The beauty of all of this is it literally comes down to transparency. Transparency creates, not trust, but verifiability. The ability for me to verify everything you say is incredibly important.”

22:53 – “There is a saying in crypto, ‘don’t trust, verify’ and you can’t verify without transparency so that’s really what all of this is.”


Episode 257